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1/5-inch Exmor CMOS sensor HD / SD camera recorder

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Capture Stunning HD Pictures - Anywhere.

Sony is proud to present a stunning HD camera and recorder that represents the last piece of the HD video production jigsaw. The HXR-MC1P is an easy to use HD camera system, consisting of a small camera head and a handheld controlling unit with LCD panel and recording function.

This tiny all-in-one camera system needs no extra equipment - simply take it out and start shooting. Also, the camera unit is splash-proof, allowing safe use in tough outdoor conditions, such as rain or when you are shooting near water.

Furthermore, the unique style of the HXR-MC1P enables users to record HD video in unusual conditions and from interesting angles, such as shooting a sports scene from the participant's point of view or a motor sport event from onboard a vehicle. Thanks to the built-in LCD panel on the main unit, users can play back and review their material immediately after it has been shot.

The HXR-MC1P camera and recorder opens up a whole new range of creative HD shooting possibilities.

Please note, extreme shock or vibration may lead to malfunction. When mounting the HXR-MC1P it is advisable to use commercially available shock absorbing tools.

  • Compact and easy to mount

    The HXR-MC1P can record 1080i HD or SD images and sound in places that no ordinary HD camcorder can access.

    It is possible to attach it to various devices, such as a helmet, by utilising the screw hole at the bottom of the unit*. This enables you to obtain HD images from angles that you have only experienced in SD before.

    And the camera is splash-proof as well, making it suitable for outdoor use. It can be used at the water's edge or in the rain**

    *Sony does not provide any special mounting equipment.

    **Only the camera unit conforms to IEC60529 IPX2. Under no circumstances must it be used under water. Do not allow the control unit to get wet as it has no splash-proof features.

  • Suitable for a variety of sporting applications

    With the HXR-MC1P, it's possible to capture powerful visuals of motor sport events that gives the viewer the drivers or riders point of view. Because the camera is so small, you have a greater choice of where to mount it on the vehicle body. And by using an optional wide angle conversion lens, you can even get detailed shots of the cramped interior of a car.

    Alternatively, if you're shooting while taking part in extreme sports such as skydiving, paragliding, or skateboarding, it is often hard to check the images you're recording.

    With the HXR-MC1P, even if you attach the camera to your helmet, you can easily check the shooting angle using the LCD panel of the control unit and adjust the angle of view with the zoom lever. Once the recording to Memory Stick Duo™ has started, simply activate the control unit's HOLD switch to prevent any operating error, put the control unit into your backpack or a pocket and get going!

  • Ideal for shooting wildlife

    The tiny camera of the HXR-MC1P is also good for shooting small animals and insects. The small size of the camera makes it ideal for shooting wild animals, which can be very nervous around camera equipment in their natural environment.

    Plus, with a continuous recording time of about 405 minutes (6 hours 45 minutes)*, the camera can be left for long periods to ensure you capture the right footage. You can also slide the camera through grass and foliage to capture the insect world.

    * Continuous recording with the optional NP-FH100 battery (LCD backlight = OFF). With ordinary use, with frequent recording start/stop and zooming etc., this will reduce to approximately 200 minutes.

  • Perfect for POV images

    Images taken from the viewpoint of operators with special skills, such as process engineers, can be used for simulation material or for training material to help others acquire such skills. Also, the recorded video can be used to analyse the actions or the action pathways made by a person or object carrying the camera.

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HXR-MC1 Digital HD Video Camera Recorder

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