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Hoe werk ik firmware/software bij voor mijn Sony Android-tv?

    To get the most out of your Sony Android TV, make sure that the TV is always updated with the latest firmware and software updates from Sony and Google. Updates for your TV include not only essential functions and applications, but also improvements to functions and solutions to problems.
    Troubleshooting (Android TV): What are the benefits of restarting the TV and software updates? / Sound and screen issues .

    IMPORTANT : Your TV must be connected to the Internet via a wired or wireless network in order to perform system updates. You can also download the updates to a USB stick instead and install the update on the TV via USB (see section 4 of this article).

    1. Check if there are updates available for your TV
    2. Download and install updates directly via the Internet 
    3. Update with a USB stick

    1. Check if there are updates available for your TV

    To receive software updates, make sure that the Automatically check for update or Automatic software download setting of your TV is set to ON . For example, an update is automatically downloaded as soon as one is available for your device. If you have set this setting to OFF , you must manually check if any updates are available for your TV.

    • For the AF9 and ZF9 series
      If the Automatically check for updates setting   is  on , the TV checks whether new software can be downloaded when the TV is turned on or when the TV is connected to the Internet.
    • For other Android TV models
      If the Automatic software download setting   is  enabled , the TV will automatically download updates when the TV is in standby mode.

    To check whether the  Automatically check for update or  Automatic software download setting is set to On or Off, or if you want to manually check whether a firmware update is available for the system, go through these steps:

    1. Press the HOME button on your remote control

      HOME button on the remote control
    2. Select Help .
      For Android ™ 8.0, select Apps and then select Help .
      NOTE: You can also display the Help screen by pressing the HELP button on the remote control.
    3. Then select  System software update . NOTE:  The image below is an example of the TV with Android 6.0 or later.vervolgens systeemsoftware).

    4. Controleer vervolgens of de instellingen  Automatically check for update  or  Automatic software download  are set to  ON .zoeken) of zijn ingesteld op  

    Your TV then searches for updates and offers you to download them if updates are available.

    NOTE:  If the Automatically check for update  or  Automatic software download settings   are , check manually for an update. To check this manually, select  System Software update  using the above procedure and then select  Check for a system software update  (Check if there is an update for the system software) or  Software update .instellingen zoeken) of zijn uitgeschakeldcontroleert u handmatig of er een update is.
    handmatig te controleren, selecteert u systeemsoftware) via de bovenstaande procedure en selecteert u vervolgens Controleer of er een update voor de systeemsoftware is) of 

    IMPORTANT ( for TVs other than the A9F_AF9, Z9F_ZF9 series) :

    • You must agree to Sony's privacy policy to receive software downloads
    • Even if Automatic software download is set to ON, the TV will only receive software updates via the Internet once you agree with Sony's privacy policy . You can see from Sony's Privacy Policy at any time and agree on the HELP button on the remote control > [Privacy Settings] (Privacy Settings) print
    • If during the initial configuration of your TV disagree 've gone to work with Sony's privacy policy, do the following to ensure that you receive firmware updates:
      1. Accept the privacy policy of Sony through the HELP button on the remote control  > [Privacy Settings] (Privacy Settings) print
      2. Make sure the Automatic software download setting is ON . You can check this via the HELP button on the remote control > [System software update] ([Update system software]> [Automatic software download] (Automatic software downloads)
      3. Manually check for updates once by pressing the HELP button on the remote control > [System Software update]> [Check for a system software update] (Check for a system software update)


    2. Download and install updates directly via the Internet

    If an update is available for download, you can download it with the following procedure:

    For series AF9 and ZF9
    A software update is available if a message for new software appears when you switch on the TV (the message disappears automatically). 
    When you select UPDATE , the download and installation will start.


    • The software update takes approximately 15 minutes. You can use your TV during an update. Even if you turn off the TV, the update will continue.
      IMPORTANT: Do not unplug the AC plug (power cord), as this will stop the software update.
    • If you switch on the TV after completing an update, the TV will be started with new software.
      If you switch the TV off after an update, the remote control may not work for about 1 minute.
    • The message is only displayed if Automatically check for update is set to ON .
      The message is displayed for approximately 15 seconds. As soon as the message disappears, the message will no longer be displayed in the 12 hours following the last message. If the message disappears and you want to update the software immediately, you must manually update the software from Software update  in the System software update menu   .

    For other Android TV models
    The TV asks you if you want to continue with the download. Select  UPDATE NOW  to continue.
    NOTE:  The image below is an example.


    • You can use your TV while an update is being downloaded.
    • If you select the UPDATE LATER option  , when you turn off the TV, a screen appears asking you to start the software update. If you select  No  on that screen, the message reappears the next time you turn on the TV. If you select  Yes  , the update will start.

    After the TV has finished downloading the update, you will be asked if you want to install the update.
    Select  OK  to accept and start the installation. Instead, you can  Cancel (Cancel) select and proceed later with the installation of the update.

    IMPORTANT: Please note that it can take 30 minutes to install an update. You cannot use your TV during installation and a screen with an update icon is displayed.

    Progress bar Android software update

    WARNING: The equipment can be damaged. Do not press any buttons, turn the TV off, or unplug the power cord while the update is being installed. If the power is interrupted during the firmware update installation, the TV may stop responding or may need to be repaired.

    Once the update installation is complete, you can use your TV again as normal.

    3.  Update with a USB flash drive

    If your TV does not have Internet access and / or you want to perform the update manually , you can do so with a USB flash drive by downloading the update from the Sony support website .

    You can do this as follows:

    1. Go to the Sony support website
    2. Type the name of your TV model in the search box

      Search box model

      If you do not know what the model number of your TV is, look at the sticker on the bottom left of your TV's rear panel .

      Find the number of your model

      Examples of correct model names are: KD-55X9305C | KD-65S8505C | KDL-55W805C
    3. Navigate to ' Downloads ' and select the button for the firmware download

      Download on the product page
    4. Follow the instructions on the website to download the update to a USB flash drive and perform the update on your TV.

    If you are still experiencing problems after the firmware update, we recommend that you try the following:

    • Perform a power cycle by keeping the AC power cord disconnected for five minutes and then reconnecting the power cord.
    • Restore the factory settings : [Home]> [Settings] *> [TV]> [Storage and Reset]> [Factory data reset].

    NOTES :

    • The screenshots shown here are for illustrative purposes only. The actual screen may differ slightly depending on your country, model or firmware version.
    • * For Android Oreo (OSV-O), the Settings icon is Settings iconin the upper right corner.

    * Google, Android and Android TV are trademarks of Google LLC.